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Singer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Blair West   
Hi! I'm Blair.

I have been writing and playing music since I was five years old. I play piano, guitar, and am a huge musical theater and acapella enthusiast. 

I re-started my professional career during the pandemic, starting with songwriting. I thought it would be a struggle to write again, but a deluge of music came out of me and confirmed this is exactly where I'm meant to be. I am now performing around NYC and the Baltimore area (more locations to come), promoting my debut EP, clear, which will be on all playforms this fall. I also open for and perform with Yutzi band. 

My songwriting style is a mix of contemporary pop with soulful folk influences, with inspirations includingJoni Mitchell to Alicia Keys to John Prine. 


Check me out on Instagram to learn more and hear my music: @_blair_west

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